Westport has had many eras; first the native americans (oblivious to zip codes) roamed here, then the Bankside farmers led by the eponymous Green established crops and built a church, by the mid 1900’s our town had attracted a cohort of artists and became well known and so with the advent of suburbia and longer distance commuting grew the denser housing stock of the 1960’s.  In this century all the land to develop has effectively been acquired and as always the generations change and new families with different mores replace the older folks.

Change is a constant and human nature tends to either want change if they can effect it or oppose it if they feel helpless.  We believe that progress is better and being involved in making wise choices and planning so that change benefits more is a goal that intelligent folks subscribe to.

Our Story

We have evolved (doesn’t everyone) from a small band of like minded people to a group that includes many former P&Z commissioners, elected State officials and concerned Westporters all wanting to ensure that the changes that are coming are managed intelligently.

Our People

We are fortunate to have some experienced folks from all sides of politics be a part of the Coalition:

  • Julie Belaga, former Gubernatorial candidate, State Representative, P&Z Chair
  • Ken Bernhard, ex-State Representative, ZBA, Selectman
  • Ron Corwin, ex-P&Z Chair
  • Ellie Lowenstein, ex-P&Z Chair
  • Howard Lathrop, ex-P&Z Commissioner
  • David Press, ex-P&Z Commissioner
  • Mike Stashower, ex-P&Z Commissioner
  • Ross Burkhardt, ex-P&Z Commissioner
  • Steve Halstead, ex-Board of Ed Chair
  • Mike Nayor, ex-RTM, P&Z alternate
  • Jo Ann Davidson, ex-RTM (Chair of P&Z Committee)
  • Mike Guthman, ex-RTM

Our Candidate

Johnson has served on the South Western Regional Planning Agency, was a member of town’s Downtown Improvement Committee, sat on the Parks and Recreation Commission, served as the transit director and now is a member of the RTM, District 9.

I am the most qualified candidate to help move the P&Z forward and to bring back the respect the public deserves. I have spent nearly my entire career working in land use issues – including work in both the public and private sectors. Most importantly, for the past 8 years as a Westport resident I have dedicated myself to town government issues serving on Parks & Rec, SWRPA,  as Transit Dir and now on the RTM. I know the players in the town and region and I have seen what works and what doesn’t.

Jennifer Johnson


“I’m interested in the process and transparency and trying to move us through the process to get to a solution.”

Next Steps…

If you’d like to help get Jennifer elected then reach out.