You have questions, we have answers …

How do I get involved?

If you think you have something to offer Westport then contact us.  We want people that want to give their time, effort and expertise to making Westport’s tomorrows even better..

Who do I contact?

Our email address is pretty generic but it works:

How are you different than other groups?

When you were 20 you had grand ideals (we hope you did) and when you were 30 you started acting on them.  Over time you changed, you grew and some things that were important at 20 are not important at 50.  Our town is like that.  We liked each age but by definition Westport gets older and each new generation has different ideas about what works.  Tomorrow will be different again and to pretend that we can still do what we did when we were 20 at the age of 70 is foolhardy, just and the changes that Westport will experience in the next 20 years will require something different than today’s answers.