“The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience”

– Albert Einstein –

The Coalition for Westport urges the community to vote for Jennifer Johnson for Planning and Zoning Commissioner. The Coalition is a bi-partisan political party which includes exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced former members and chairs of Westport land use boards and commissions.

Among the members of the party are former P&Z Chairs Ellie Lowenstein, Julie Belaga and Ron Corwin as well as Ross Burkhart, Mike Stashower, Michael Nayor, Howard Lathrop and Jo Ann Davidson, all of whom have served as members of local land use agencies, and Ken Bernhard, a former State Representative,

The impetus for so many who have been a part of the land use process to come together to form this unique political party is the belief that Westport is not being well-served in planning for its future and managing the land use process, and that good decisions require experience.

Consistent with that belief, the coalition has named Johnson as its sole candidate for the Planning & Zoning Commission, in recognition of her years of experience with and commitment to local government. “Without a doubt,” say Julie Belaga, “Jennifer is the most experienced and knowledgeable choice for the P&Z.”


A Westport resident for eleven years, Johnson has become well known for her dedicated and informed participation in town affairs with a focus on transportation, advocating for residents on issues such as traffic congestion and pedestrian safety, improved bicycle infrastructure, improving the vitality of Downtown, and increasing connectivity between open and civic spaces.

Johnson has served as Transit Director for the Westport Transit District, Member of the Executive Board of the Southwestern Regional Planning Agency, Parks and Recreation Commissioner, and voting member of the Metropolitan Planning Agency. She is an RTM Representative from District 9 and has actively participated in both the Downtown Improvement and Saugatuck Transit Oriented Development committees.
Prior to moving in Westport, Johnson was a Project Manager for the Trust for Public Land and a member of the Planning Board for Morris County, N.J.

Vote for Jennifer Johnson – Row C – The one vote that matters.

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