The Coalition for Westport is a non-partisan political party whose mission is to safeguard Westport’s future by ensuring that our land use policies and decisions thoughtfully and proactively take into account the economic and social realities of 21st century living.


Do you wonder why certain decisions about land use were made? Frustrated when you think that Westport could and should be doing more to make our town more livable now and in the future?  Wonder why many stores are closed downtown and think Westport could do more to ensure that downtown thrives? 

The Planning & Zoning Commission is one of the town’s most powerful elected bodies, land use defines our community for years to come.  Change that respects our past while setting our Town on a course for a vibrant future. Westport needs people on the P&Z who care about land use issues and who want to work to help shape Westport’s future.  

When it comes to local planning and zoning matters, we have no concern for party politics, in the upcoming elections we want the best candidate for our community. 

In June of this year we put out a “call for candidates” for the Planning & Zoning Commission, there will be four seats up for election in November 2019.

The Coalition wants to thank all those who responded to its call for candidates for the Planning & Zoning Commission. Your response was overwhelming and reassured us that we are on the right track in our quest to reform the land use process.

We are following up with all potential candidates.

Please consider joining us by attending one of our meetings. There is much work to do and we would welcome your participation.